Arqan-e-Islam (Q & A)

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Darussalam Publishers
Publish Date:
January 01, 1970
Maulana Mufti Abdul Wali Khan

The mind of the children is like a blank paper. Whatever gets impressed upon it will be etched, therefore, it is really necessary to provide to child`s mind, in a manner befitting the age, the belief system and worldview which will serve him/her both in this world and the hereafter. Arqan-e-Islam (Q & A) is the effort to fulfill this need by compiling the questions related to various aspects of Islam which can occur in the mind of a child and answer them in such an easy manner that every child can easily understand.  This book will help in raising the Ideal Muslims required to represent the true spirit of Islam. 

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Publish Date: January 01, 1970
Genre: Children
Pages: 88
Size: 17x23
Weight (KG): 0.322
Color: 4 color

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