The Gift of My Mother

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Darussalam Publishers
Publish Date:
February 03, 2011
Shazia Nazlee

A day out to the Zoo by Darussalam is a colorful storybook that reveals the story of two young boys, Talhah and Haroon when they went to the zoo. Through their journey, the book attempts to teach the young readers how to behave and deal animals in Islam and what kind of pets they should be keeping at home. It also reveals some interesting events from the life of Abu Hurairah (R.A), a prominent companion of Prophet Muhammad ï·º. The book ends with fun activities such as test your knowledge and linking words.

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Book Specification

Publish Date: February 03, 2011
Genre: Children | Women
Pages: 25
Size: 28x21
Weight (KG): 0.2
Color: 4 color

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