Modern Arabic Made Easy

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Darussalam Publishers
Publish Date:
March 02, 2011
Darussalam Research Center

Modern Arabic Made Easy by Darussalam is a comprehensive publication that, utilizing the English language, attempts to teach people the modern Arabic language. Most of the Arabic learning books found in stores today feature the high quality Arabic that is used in the Noble Quran. People needed a book that could teach them Arabic that they could use to converse with their Arab friends in an easy and relaxed way and this is precisely what this book caters to. Utilizing a grid pattern, the book places the English translation of commonly used Arabic words, verses, phrases and sentences opposite to each other. It provides a good point of reference to the learners and also allows them to use this book in conversing with people who can’t speak any language except Arabic. It is a good book to keep at your side when you are travelling to Arab countries. In essence, it is an easy to use phrasebook for the Middle East.

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Publish Date: March 02, 2011
Genre: General
Pages: 224
Size: 14x21
Weight (KG): 0.95
Color: 4 color

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