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Though paper books are a traditional and great source of learning but children of this era prefers digital sources for education. The young ones have laptops, tablets and ebook readers etc while the kids have to compromise with their paper books. Another fact is that children are not mature enough to keep the digital devices with care and sometimes they find it hard to operate them. In the result they lose their interest in education. Darussalam Publishers being the global leader in Islamic publications has tried to fulfill its social responsibility by coming up with an educational toy series for kids. These are low cost yet high quality interactive and educational toys for your kids. Alam Al-Haroof, for instance, is an appealing gadget for kids due to its colorful design and multimedia keys. This interactive toy has all the alphabets of Arabic. Each alphabet is a button, which is when pressed make a sound of the letter and on long press it plays the most common words from that specific letter. Since, Arabic is an important language because it is the language of the Noble Quran; therefore, this device can play an important role in teaching the basics of Noble Quran to your children.

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    Excellent service

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