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  • The beauty of #Islam is that it is never too late to ask Allah for forgiveness. #Darussalam #IslamicQuotes

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  • Daily Hadith | Warning against telling Lies [Sahih Muslim: 2607] #Darussalam #Hadith https://t.co/dzFNZRJZNa

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  • A view of Kaabah after the removal of #Mataf rings. Video by Ahmad Sofi. #Darussalam https://t.co/QMQVeYHb7r

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  • Islamic Online University's Time Management webinar is here! Time Hack. REGISTER HERE: https://t.co/gNnd1WH4L1 https://t.co/dn5R0FgD5R

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  • #Kaabah during rain on last Jumu'ah (Friday). #Darussalam https://t.co/CjpxF9R0Uj

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  • Alhamdulillah! Today is #Jumuah, send lots of salutations on Prophet ﷺ. Photo by Ishrah Shamim. #Darussalam https://t.co/ppyMk6fE6B

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  • Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim's description excellence the day of Jumu’ah (Friday) (Zaad Al-Maad: 1/398) #Darussalam #Friday https://t.co/FkoptZesKD

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  • #Love for the sake of Allah. #Darussalam

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  • Daily Hadith | Reward of Telling the Truth [Sahih Muslim: 2607] #Darussalam #Hadith https://t.co/utJtVuB8uE

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  • Make Dua, do your best, and leave the rest to Allah. #Darussalam #IslamicQuotes

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  • The sealed nectar is an excellent book. It describes the social, religious, economic, political and military situation in the arabian peninsula before the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The book has detailed maps and pictures of the important geographical areas and places. It traces the lineage of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.


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  • it's religious and helpfully for children Under 6 this book is the best! You should get it really really extra good! yeah

  • I have learned so much about what I eat from this book. I no longer have to take certain medicines for my stomach. It has increased my awareness of the food I eat. I recommend this book to anyone, even none muslims.