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  • Anger is the key to every Evil. Get rid of it now! 8 Ways to Control Your Anger Issues: https://t.co/2cNUXQw5ps… https://t.co/oG49TbFIDl

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  • Pray now or pay later. #Pray https://t.co/ihZsHPxIX4

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  • Daily Hadith | Allah is Beautiful [Sahih Muslim, Book of Faith, Hadith: 91] #Darussalam #Hadith https://t.co/psAJ1lLrOs

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  • Kaabah cleaning crew is cleaning the Multazim. #Multazim https://t.co/5NvCwNJw4S

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  • Pictures from Makkah and Madinah by Haris Balic and Mohammed Shahbaaz. #Haramain https://t.co/41Q4MxyDjI

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  • Quran’s Lesson - Surah Hud 11, Verse 118, Part 12 #Darussalam #Quran https://t.co/iFCQ8T1bmT

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  • Pilgrims are seen around the Maqam-e-Ibrahim. (Photo: REUTERS) #Hajj2016 https://t.co/oLuYTLTezV

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  • Enhance your #Health #Fitness conditions by following #Islam. Amazon: https://t.co/K33XkLm0oY Darussalam:… https://t.co/EwHb0GqHib

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  • Forgive others as quickly as you expect Allah to forgive you. #Forgive https://t.co/LeMmUBxTvq

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  • Daily Hadith | Superiority of looking after Orphan [Sahih Al-Bukhari, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith: 6005] #Darussalam… https://t.co/sEHSJTjcBD

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  • The sealed nectar is an excellent book. It describes the social, religious, economic, political and military situation in the arabian peninsula before the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The book has detailed maps and pictures of the important geographical areas and places. It traces the lineage of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.


    Reviewed on Amazon Kindle

  • it's religious and helpfully for children Under 6 this book is the best! You should get it really really extra good! yeah

  • I have learned so much about what I eat from this book. I no longer have to take certain medicines for my stomach. It has increased my awareness of the food I eat. I recommend this book to anyone, even none muslims.