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Crossing the barriers and bridging the gap, D-tech Systems has developed yet another outstanding app for those avid and devoted Muslim e-readers of Darussalam authentic Islamic books who are passionate enough to read without a break. This app allows you to continue reading from where you left by accessing your Islamic library through your smartphone. You can even enjoy reading while waiting for your food at a restaurant, while you are in a bus or at a shopping mall. All you need is subscription to Darussalam e-Book library.

Outstanding Features:

• Easy to use 
• Quick navigation from the search bar at the top
• Search by the name of authors or category from the menu bar
• Update database
• Swipe left and right
• Create a list of your favorite books
• Access Darussalam Islamic e-book store
• Sync the books to read them later offline
• Seamlessly read through loading within seconds
• My Books lets you make your own collection of books

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