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A comprehensive hand book for General Health Issues and their cure with reference from Quran and Hadith. This precise and to the point app helps you easily scroll through Health Issues, their Symptoms and Islamic Cures. A must have app for daily health issue references.

Islam gives us a complete code of life, and with that it even guides us in matters related to Health and Fitness. Islam and General Health Issues will give you guidance on all health related issues. It has symptoms and Islamic cures for most general diseases along with Hadiths pertaining to a particular ailment.


• Understand different Medical Conditions
• Learn about medical symptoms related to various illnesses
• Read about General Health Issues
• Understand what Islam has to say about these issues
• Find out about different Islamic cures
• Homemade remedies for a natural cure
• Learn about the Condition, Symptom, and Diagnosis of various medical issues such as; Arthritis, Hernia, Sciatica, Migraine, Bacteria, Influenza, Concussion, Gastro Intestinal Pains, Acid reflux, Acne, Kidney Problems and just about anything.
• Share information about different cures with friends & family to ensure their fitness

Islam and General Health Issues gives a different perspective from a general doctor. Not meant as a replacement for medical treatments or as a diagnostic tool, Islam and General Health Issues helps with giving you an idea about a probable disease. Islam General Health Issues is best used to consult clinical issues for an Islamic perspective on Health & Fitness. It is not just that but you can also combine the treatment suggested by your physician with a spiritual treatment.
Allah has indeed created diseases but not without a cure. We also have Sunnah (Hadith) to further guide us in matters related to health. So keep up your fitness levels and stay healthy, after all health is a blessing we cannot take for granted.

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