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The Holy Quran is supposed to be read with correct accent and Tajweed. That said Qurani Qaida Pro has been designed to make sure that learning how to read the Quran is simple and easy. It offers beginners a complete learning experience with an introduction to all the Arabic letters to complete Arabic words.
Users will be able to experience two different styles of Tajweed depending on their preferences that include the Arabic recitation style along with Urdu recitation as well. You can even choose different Tutors depending on their Talawat style. Qurani Qaida Pro will be able to provide all kinds of users with a chance to brush up their Quranic Tajweed.
• 23 Lessons of Fun & Learning
• My Qaida Feature for Personalized lessons
• Letter by letter pronunciation
• Multiple Qari options
• Record your own Recitations
• Sharing options to invite your friends
• User-friendly Interface
• Easy navigation
• No Annoying Ads
Qurani Qaida Pro has 23 lessons ranging from basic Arabic alphabets to complex Arabic words. These lessons have interactive quizzes at the end to make sure the user retains what they have learnt. If a user does not pass a quiz they cannot go to the next lesson, this ensures that a user cannot skip their way ahead to other lessons. Users can even record their recitation of different verses of the Holy Quran to listen if their Talawat pronunciation is spot on.
This is just like a Noorani Qaeda but much more user friendly. Authenticated by famous Qaris/Reciters from all over the World Qurani Qaida Pro is packed with features to promote Islamic Learning so download Qurani Qaida Pro and get your Child started with how to Read the Holy Quran.
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