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The must have App for the Month of Ramadan!
The Holy Month of Ramadan brings Muslims all around the world a sense of tranquillity and peace. It’s the time when Muslims devote themselves completely to Allah through; fasting, praying, and complete devotion. 

Keeping the spirit of Ramadan in mind Darussalam Publishers have come up with an all in one Ramadan App that will help you make the most out of Ramadhan. From Fasting to Taraveeh Prayers Ramadan Kareem App has everything to make Ramadan 2014 full of blessings.


â–º Prayer & Ibadah 
â–º Ramadan Calendar 
â–º Prayer Timings according to Location
â–º Sehri & Iftar Alarms
â–º Duas for Ramadan
â–º Fasting Benefits
â–º Ramadan Time Table
â–º Supplications for the Ramadan Kareem
â–º Daily Blessings & Gifts
â–º Ayat of the Day
â–º Hadith of the Day
â–º Dua of the Day
â–º Sunnah of the Day
â–º Ramadan Fact of the Day

Also, we will be updating our app very soon with some new features that will include a Tasbeeh Counter so you can keep count of your Dhikr, and a Qibla Compass to find out the exact direction of the Qibla.

Ramadan Kareem App is easy to use, has loads of functionalities, and has a lot of Islamic content to give you maximum knowledge.

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