The Story Of Adam (PBUH)

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The Story of Adam is an interactive Story that will take you on a journey to the beginning of time. Relive how Adam was created, how Devil disobeyed Allah, and why Adam was sent to Earth. Mesmerise yourself in amazing illustrations that will leave you speechless. We've got a number of hidden interactions so make sure you find them all!
With this Interactive Storybook you will be presented with numerous animations and interaction points that are sure to help with the learning process. With such an amazing Storybook experience children of all ages will be more than happy to spend hours at the time playing with it. It’s nothing short of a Children’s App with fascinating sounds, narration, and awesome digital artwork!

â–º Visually Stunning Digital Artwork
â–º Story like Narrations
â–º Colourful Animations
â–º Over 50 Fun Interactions

â–º Auto Play storybook option so you can sit back and listen
â–º Or you can go through the storybook at your own pace
â–º Tilt the device to glide across screens
â–º Find Hidden Interactions
Experience all this in a never seen before way, a must in early Islamic education!
Story of Adam provides a captivating experience for children of all ages, with hours of playback, fun animations, engaging interactions, and exciting sounds, children are sure to show a great response to learning about Islamic History.

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