Therapy from Quran and Ahadith

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Darussalam Publishers brings you the bestselling book “Therapy from Quran and Ahadith” in a digital form. Now you can read this wonderful compilation on your Android gadgets instead of carrying the books with you. Knowledge is considered Sadaqa Jariyah in Islam, which is why we are keeping this ebook app absolutely FREE!

Download this app and learn:

i) To acquaint your actions and behaviors in the light of Quran and Ahadith.
ii) To treat the people who have gone beyond unacceptable morals and values.
iii) To challenge distressing psychological thoughts and behaviors.
iv) To build a strong character on the basis of Quran and Ahadith.

It has a very attractive design and icons. It gives you the freedom of:

1) Searching subjectively as well as objectively.
2) Making your notes from any chapter and it enables you to go from page 1 to page 100 directly by simply dragging your finger over the screen. 
3) Marking the chapters as read and unread.
4) Reading the book in night mode having no strain on your eyesight.

We (Darussalam Publishers and Distributors) would like to thank D-Tech Systems Ltd in abundance for researching, designing and developing the entire idea and application. D-Tech Systems is a sister concern of Darussalam. In coordination and collaboration with D-Tech systems we are planning to develop more intriguing and fascinating applications in times to come.

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