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  • Step by step graphical illustration on the heart whelming journey of 2nd caliph of #Islam Umar ibn al Khattab.… https://t.co/HbvQYckxnf

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  • Practice what (good thing) you share on Social Media. #SocialMedia https://t.co/WaBIZrN95x

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  • Daily Hadith | Importance of Haya (Modesty) [Sahih Al-Bukhari, Book of Prophets, Hadith: 3483] #Darussalam #Hadith https://t.co/KHvGwyPb6z

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  • Indeed it is a great honor for the workers who keep the Masjid Al-Haram clean. May Allah bless them with His Mercy… https://t.co/QMNOLSK0AD

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  • It is day or night, Kaabah just looks amazing, MashaAllah! Photos by Farhaan Ahmedd. #Makkah https://t.co/kdTfEkBwmU

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  • Quran’s Lesson - Surah Hud 11, Verse 120, Part 12 #Darussalam #Quran https://t.co/ptkA5IXgwV

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  • The German researcher Dr. Knut Pfeiffer, the leader of the biggest therapeutic focus in Munich has examined that… https://t.co/Lnjeypp0JX

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  • Who memorized them will enter Paradise. (Hadtith) #99NamesofAllah Android: https://t.co/Kg96MoNgVp iOS:… https://t.co/kXJDLwaV73

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  • Give your heart to Allah, and He will place it in the hands of someone who is worthy of receiving it. #LoveAllah https://t.co/ea97YZf2Md

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  • Daily Hadith | Wudu is necessary for Salah [Sahih Muslim, Book of Purification, Hadith: 224] #Darussalam #Hadith https://t.co/mj90AhNwV2

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  • The sealed nectar is an excellent book. It describes the social, religious, economic, political and military situation in the arabian peninsula before the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The book has detailed maps and pictures of the important geographical areas and places. It traces the lineage of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.


    Reviewed on Amazon Kindle

  • it's religious and helpfully for children Under 6 this book is the best! You should get it really really extra good! yeah

  • I have learned so much about what I eat from this book. I no longer have to take certain medicines for my stomach. It has increased my awareness of the food I eat. I recommend this book to anyone, even none muslims.