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At Darussalam Publishers, we are committed to making Islamic knowledge accessible to everyone, everywhere. With main hubs in the UK, KSA, UAE, and Pakistan (PK), we ensure that our wide range of authentic Islamic books and products reach you, no matter where you are. Our commitment to quality, authenticity, and accessibility drives us forward. Here’s how you can connect with us in our main locations

Darussalam Store United Kingdom

Your Gateway to Islamic Literature in Europe

In the heart of the UK, Darussalam Publishers brings a rich trove of Islamic literature to the doorstep of every enthusiast and seeker of knowledge. Our UK branch serves not just as a distribution center but also as a vibrant community space for events, launches, and scholarly gatherings.

  • Extensive Catalog: From comprehensive Quran Tafseers to enriching Seerah books, find everything under one roof.
  • Timely Deliveries: Fast and reliable delivery services across Europe.
  • Community Engagement: Join our workshops, book readings, and other community-centric events.

Darussalam Publishers Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Rooted in the Land of Revelation

As our starting point, Darussalam Publishers in the KSA holds a special place in our journey. From here, we spread wings across the globe. Our KSA branch is not only a hub for top-grade Islamic publishing but also a source of authentic literature directly from the land of revelation.

  • Authentic Sources: Access literature sourced from the heartland of Islamic scholarship.
  • Direct From Publisher: Get the latest releases and exclusive editions directly from our publishing house.
  • Scholarly Connections: Benefit from our networks with renowned scholars and institutions.

Darussalam United Arab Emirates

A Hub of Innovation and Knowledge

In the bustling marketplaces of the UAE, Darussalam Publishers stands as a beacon of innovation, blending rich Islamic tradition with the pulse of modernity. Our UAE branch is designed to meet the dynamic needs of our diverse clientele, offering a seamless blend of physical and digital Islamic literature solutions.

  • Digital Access: Explore our e-books and digital resources for the modern reader.
  • Cultural Events: Engage with the community through book fairs, cultural festivals, and scholarly discussions.
  • Multilingual Collections: Catering to the cosmopolitan crowd with books in multiple languages.

Darussalam Store Pakistan

Nurturing the Subcontinent’s Islamic Heritage

In Pakistan, Darussalam Publishers reverently carries the torch of Islamic heritage, illuminating the path for generations seeking knowledge. Our Pakistan branch is a cornerstone of our operations, deeply rooted in the rich Islamic traditions of the subcontinent and dedicated to disseminating knowledge far and wide.

  • Educational Initiatives: Partner with schools and educational institutes for Islamic curriculum development.
  • Community Outreach: Robust distribution networks ensure our publications reach every corner of the country.
  • Research and Scholarship: Collaborating with scholars for authentic and enriching Islamic content.

At Darussalam Publishers, our doors are always open, and our shelves are forever stocked with the wealth of Islamic knowledge. No matter where you are, connecting with us means access to a world of authentic, scholarly, and inspiring literature. Visit us or get in touch online – let’s continue this journey of faith and enlightenment together.

Enlightening the World, One Book at a Time.

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