About Us

Our Essence & Commitment

In the vast landscape of Islamic literature, Darussalam stands as a lighthouse, guiding the ummah toward clarity and authenticity. We began as a specialized publisher of the Holy Quran and its many translations, nurturing a vision to deliver the words of Allah to every eager heart and seeking mind.

Our Legacy

As a global leader in Islamic Books, we are recognized as an authentic source of knowledge. Our commitment to providing accurate and reliable information makes us a trusted authority in the field of Islamic publications. With a dedication to quality content, we strive to maintain our position as the go-to source for those seeking authentic knowledge in the realm of Islamic Books on a global scale.

Our Humble Inception

Darussalam, a multilingual international Islamic publishing house and a global leader in Islamic Books, initiated a quest to elevate the standards of Islamic publishing. From our first Quran print to exploring Tafseer and Seerah, our journey reflects purpose and passion. Evolving from a local publisher to a global name, Darussalam stands as an authentic source of knowledge worldwide and a global wholesale Islamic book supplier—a vision realized in our institutional growth into an entity of Islamic enlightenment.

A Vision Realized
  • From a pioneering Quran publisher to a beacon of comprehensive Islamic literature.
  • A legacy birthed in Riyadh, serving wisdom globally

Our Guiding Principles

True to our lead, we remain a conduit for the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. By liaising with renowned scholars and experts, we ensure that the sanctity of Islamic knowledge is preserved and disseminated with the utmost respect and sincerity.

Nurturing Faith, Knowledge, and Understanding
  • Propagation of genuine teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.
  • Collaborations with esteemed scholars for unparalleled authenticity.

Your Trust, Our Treasure

Building bridges to Islamic wisdom: Your trust has been the cornerstone of our efforts. Darussalam has set a new standard for engaging, credible, and genuine Islamic content. Our Islamic books are a tapestry where threads of timeless knowledge intertwine with modern sensibilities.

Building Bridges to Islamic Wisdom
  • Dedication to integrity, credibility, and genuine content.
  • Innovative platforms merge tradition with cutting-edge technology.

Charting Milestones & Expanding Horizons

A global pioneer in publishing the Quran and its elucidations, Darussalam's strides reflect our drive to excel. The Quran's eternally relevant message, translated into numerous languages, is a testament to our uncompromising dedication.
Through a robust distribution network, Darussalam's presence spans continents, bringing valuable Islamic knowledge to doorsteps worldwide, transcending barriers, and uniting hearts in the quest for divine understanding.
Pioneering Achievements
  • Translation of the Quran into multiple languages.
  • A vast distribution network brings light to every corner.
Darussalam Publishers is more than a publishing house; it's a partner in your spiritual odyssey. We are dedicated to serving you, uniting the ummah under the banner of knowledge and faith.
Join Our Narrative of Enlightenment
  • Empower your community and self with our extensive range of Islamic literature.
  • Partner with us in spreading knowledge that transcends beyond the temporal.

We invite you to explore our story, understand our commitment, and join hands in our continued journey of spreading the teachings of Islam with fervor and fidelity

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Your journey into Islamic literature begins here, with Darussalam Publishers. Align your path with ours, and together we will illuminate the way forward.

Embrace the legacy. Step into the world of authentic Islamic publishing or whole selling and distribution of Islamic books with Darussalam Publishers

Darussalam Publishers – Where every publication is a bridge to divine knowledge.


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