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Darussalam Publishers was established in 1986 by Mr. Abdul Malik Mujahid in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The inspiration of Darussalam came to him after he read about the largest publishing institute of Lebanon, owned by a non-Muslim and dedicatedly working for the propagation of their religion. He also realized that previously published Islamic books lacked quality publishing and contained many academic mistakes. In view of this situation, he aimed at establishing an institute for the printing and publication of Islamic research work and named it as Darussalam.

Over the past two decades, Darussalam has established its publishing centers in many countries. It has the distinction of having a dedicated team of eminent scholars and researchers, who are engaged in the preparation of the academic plans and scriptures. Darussalam’s aim was to print authentic Arabic text of the Quran, its translation in different languages, and publication of brief commentaries and marginal notes on it. After the successful experience with initial publications, it diversified into other domains like Fiqh, Seerat, and Biographies.

Today, Darussalam is serving millions of global Muslims in over 35 countries and strives to expand its network further.


Inspired by the Islamic ideology and teachings, Darussalam Publishers has always maintained the commitment to serve global Muslim community by providing reliable, authentic, and easy to understand Islamic scriptures. It has been and continues to be the main objective of Darussalam to make Islamic knowledge easily available for everyone around.


Research is the key to authentic and reliable content. To ensure originality and authenticity of the material being published, Darussalam has established state-of-the-art research centers in Riyadh, KSA and Lahore, Pakistan. A dedicated team of research scholars is extensively working in various domains. In addition, we have a strong network of Muslim Scholars around the globe, which helps us double-check the script before making it available in the market. This is standard procedure not only for print but also for the digital Islamic books that we provide online.


Darussalam has published more than 1400 authentic multi-lingual Islamic books in a unique and beautiful style. Darussalam has published books in numerous languages including; Urdu, Arabic, English, Persian, Turkish, Indonesian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Albanian, Sindhi, Pashto, Tajik, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Swahili, Nepali, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Tagalog and Somali. It has printed the translation of the Holy Quran in more than 26 global languages. In addition, Darussalam has published more than 56 books on the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which no other publisher did before. Other key areas of publication include; Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), biographies and History of Islam.

Darussalam Publishers follows Italian and Lebanese style and printing standards. Our books are printed primarily in Lebanon, KSA, Italy and China while we have a printing press in Pakistan too.

Key principles and guidelines at Darussalam Publishers-

  • Strict adherence to original context of Quran and Sunnah
  • Presenting books without any sectarian material
  • Ensuring brevity, ease of language, and beautiful outlook of the books
  • Developing a better understanding of different schools of thoughts in Islamic world.
  • Complying with editorial guidelines of Research Center and approval of editorial board before publishing.
  • Adopting latest technologies and socially popular trends to reach out maximum number of the population.
  • Using Information Technology for promotion of Islamic teachings. We are developing mobile apps, e-books and kindle books.

Darussalam Publishers:

Darussalam’s head office is located at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. There are five Darussalam showrooms in Riyadh at Olaya, Malaz, Suwailam and Al-Suwaidi and in Lulu Mall and 12 overall in KSA. Currently, the distribution network of Darussalam is spread to approximately twenty-eight countries. Some of the key destinations include UAE, Kuwait, UK, USA, France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa. In Pakistan, we have 7 key showrooms that are based in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. In addition, 1000s of institutions and stores are selling our products and books all over the world.

D-Tech Systems

D-Tech Systems is a subsidiary of Darussalam Publishers, which focuses on integrating IT into their business. It is a creative and collaborative platform of IT professional and developers fully packed with a range of promising expertise. This progressive digital media company aspires to provide professional services in applications development, web designing, logo designing, and digital marketing to its clients.

For Darussalam, D-Tech works as a digitization platform, where its publications are converted into digital format. D-Tech is bringing up digital Islamic books, iBooks, Amazon Kindle Books, and interesting educational apps.